Patina Chemicals List

This short list presents many of the chemicals that are in use by metal artists to create different colored patinas. See our list of simplified formulas to get an idea of what color can be produced by what chemical combination. We also offer a brief introduction to patinas that discusses basic equipment and preparation techniques.
Patina Chemical Cat. No.
Acetic Acid, 6% NC-2271
Ammonium Chloride NC-0046
Ammonium Hydroxide NC-2095 
Bismuth Nitrate NC-1483
Calcium Chloride NC-3361
Cupric Acetate NC-0301
Cupric Nitrate NC-0303
Cupric Sulfate NC-0304
Ferric Chloride NC-0368
Ferric Nitrate NC-11220
Ferric Nitrate NC-11272
Ferrous Sulfate NC-6261
Glacial Acetic Acid NC-6077
Lead Acetate NC-7144
Nitric Acid Concentrated Haz* NC-0671
Nitric Acid 10% Haz* NC-3584
Oxalic Acid NC-0676
Potassium Permanganate NC-0744
Sodium Acetate NC-6330
Sodium Chloride NC-0870
Sodium Thiosulfate NC-0886
Sulfurated Potash NC-0729
Sulfuric Acid 10% NC-2802
Zinc Sulfate NC-6782

Haz* =Additional hazardous materials shipping charge applies.