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Resolve Immersion Oil, 1 oz.

  • NC-14671
Price: $22.95
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This amber bottle with screw on lid and applicator rod contains one ounce of this stable low viscosity (150 cSt) optical fluid, which will not dry or harden.

Oil immersion is used in microscopy to increase resolution at higher magnifications. Usually the highest magnification of an objective lens is 100X. The oil prevents light from refracting between the specimen and the objective lens and images are consequently sharper. An oil immersion lens will have some designation on it; look for the designation before immersing any lens.


  • Clear, colorless oil with a refractive index of 1.5150.
  • Allows light transmission through most of the UV/VIS spectrum.
  • Manufactured using a proprietary process that removes interfering substances.
  • Will not damage valuable optics or irreplaceable slides.
  • Contains no PCBs, eliminating toxicity and disposal problems.
  • Applicator rod built into the cap.