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Micro Pipette Tips, 100 - 1000uL Ultra Point Natural, CS/500

  • NC-14048
Price: $14.95
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These medical grade USP Class VI polypropylene pipette tips are designed for use in a wide variety of pipetting applications and universally compatible with different types of pipettes. They package in a resealable, recyclable, zip lock bag — keeping the tips free of contamination and dust.


  • Abdos Tips are manufactured in state of the art clean room facility using high purity virgin medical grade usp Class VI polypropylene.
  • Abdos Micro Tips are DNAse, RNase, Pyrogen free and free from PCR Inhibitor.
  • The orifice is precisely centered for directional accuracy.
  • Perfect airtight grip on pipette by inner radial rings for accurate pipetting.
  • The hydrophobic surface ensures low retention, increased accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Ultra Point Tip Tip orifice makes the tip more suitable for molecular biology and precise applications.
  • Can be autoclaved.